Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Four more...

Doing a lot of work in preparation for two upcoming shows next month. I will be part of a show at the Division Street Frame Shop on May 10th and the Phippen Show Memorial Day weekend (see March 17th post below). Lots and lots of business stuff to do as well, but the painting has to come first!

Thumb Butte Moonset 20x24 oil/panel
A Favorite Trail 11x14 oil/panel
Cave Creek Spring 16x20 oil/panel
Sunset and Rain 16x20 oil/panel


william wray said...

Nice work Bill. I encurage you to stylize even more.

tracey said...

these are awesome bill, I should get your autograph now, before you become a world renown artist and dont have time for me !!!!

V....Vaughan said...

These are awesome...very very nice. AND CONGRATULATIONS on your representation at Windrush! I told John how LUCKY he is to have you i Sedona....I am happy to say they invited me there, too, so we now share a gallery! Can't wait for the first group show, or something!
Happy Easter!