Thursday, July 3, 2008

Sedona to Zion

I've been putting some time in the studio after enjoying a family trip to California. We rafted down the Kern River, paddled on Lake Isabella and got to see the big redwood trees in Sequoia National Park. I didn't do any painting on the trip, we were too busy playing! This is a pic of Megan, Sarah and I at the base of a giant redwood with an enormous burn scar.

I may do some paintings from photos taken on that trip, but for now here are two new paintings from my neck of the woods (or should I say desert?)...

Gibralter Rock and Rain 24x30 o/p This is a view near Sedona of Gibralter Rock on the right looking north to the Church Spires on the left during a monsoon shower. Sedona is a city in an area that easily could have been a national park or monument. It's a great place to visit and paint.

Zion Canyon Dream 16x20 o/p Zion Canyon from high up one of it's many walls. I like this view as it shows the variety and height of the canyon walls plus the river reponsible for most of it. I think the Virgin River has done a pretty good job carving this canyon! I worked this up from the smaller study seen in the previous post. The last two photos show some of the brushwork and colors up close.


Diane Hoeptner (hep-ner) said...

Epic, AWESOME work. Thanks so much for posting the larger images-- Your brushwork is dreamy. I've linked to you from my blog, I hope that's ok.

V....Vaughan said...

YEs these new ones are great, Bill!
But your MASTERPIECES are the two beautiful young ladies there in the photo! GORGEOUS! :) I know you agree!!

Tamara said...

Fantastic- we are thrilled and inspired by the very same areas! the light, composition and stunning environment/landscape is captured beautifully- Thank you for sharing you art work- look forward to seeing more!