Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Sedona Summer

Sedona Summer 30x40 o/p This is a view from near the base of Coffee Pot Rock. I think the bluish grass is a variety of fescue.


kimmus122 said...

Gorgeous brushwork and colors. It must be pretty incredible to get to travel to all these amazing places and paint!

Hollan Holmes said...

Hi Bill,
I love your work. I rank you among the best impressionist landscape painters of the 21st century, without a doubt.
Question: How long did it take you to paint "Sedona Summer"?
Astonishing work and I shall follow your career with great interest.


Bill Cramer said...

Sorry for this remark coming so late following your kind words, but thank you and yes, we do live near some awesome places to explore and paint.

Wow, that's quite an statement. Thank you. Sedona Summer is 30x40 and probably took 10+ hours (in one long evening) to actually paint - not including the hours spent on site and doing preliminary sketches and smaller paintings. I'm glad you appreciate the work I'm doing.