Saturday, August 9, 2008

Washington DC and new paintings

I completed these two new paintings last week after returning from a family trip to Washington DC. My 12 year old daughter Sarah was born with a brittle bone condition call osteogenesis imperfecta (OI). She's had more than 50 fractures and has had 21 major surgeries. Every two years the OI Foundation holds a conference to be with others who have OI too and to learn new things regarding care and treatment. Sarah made lots of new friends and DC was great for both kids.

We visited the Smithsonian Natural History Museum (kids favorite for sure), the National Archive Building (Constitution, Bill of Rights, etc) and the National Art Gallery. We also walked the entire Mall to visit the numerous presidential monuments and war memorials. Even after all the hype surrounding the Vietnam War Memorial, it was the WWII Memorial that really got me. I also think the Korean War Memorial with its ghostly stainless steel soldiers was pretty awesome (eerie in the evening light). As it was getting dark we toured the Roosevelt Memorial With its statue of him in his wheelchair. We thought this was important for Sarah to see. He was probably the most famous person to need a wheelchair but unfortunately most people are unaware that he used one. The Jefferson Memorial was beautiful at night.

I went out on my own one morning to visit the Corcoran Art Gallery and the Smithsonian American Art and Portrait Gallery (incredible, my personal favorite). I also visited the room where Lincoln died across the street from Ford's Theater (closed for renovations, darn it). I was all alone in there for several minutes (most people were in the Lincoln Souvenier Outlet next door!). After all this time it is still very moving. On the way back I wandered by the White House. It's white with a nice yard patrolled by scary police guys carrying way to much fire power. I imagine you could spend many weeks exploring DC and not see it all. I will post more about what I saw in the art museums soon.

Me being assaulted by a triceratops outside the Natural History Museum.

Sarah wearing the new Washington Memorial commemorative hat. (Like father, like daughter?)

The whole fam damily inside the Lincoln Memorial looking out towards the Mall from the reflecting pool all the way to the Capitol building.

Oh yeah, the top painting is Cold Shoulder 18x24 of Zion NP and the other is The Fall of Summer 16x16 of Canyon de Chelly.


Melanie Banayat said...

Love the DC pics! You have a great looking family! Glad to hear the kids had a good time, too.

EMELINA said...

what a beautiful family!

Bill Cramer said...

Thanks Melanie and Emelina. I'm a lucky guy.

Annette said...

Bill, just got around to looking at your website, looks like an amazing trip! and I would love to see your work in person.
Annette Lewis

Bill Guffey said...

Hey Bill. Hope the conference went well. You've got a great looking family!

I was looking at your earlier pics and have a question concerning The setup you use for festivals. Did you make, or buy, the panels your paintings hang on?

Thanks, Bill

Anonymous said...

Hi Bill (and Family)! Emilina is so right...."What a beautiful Family!"You do indeed blend your beautiful painting talents with your family love...and your passion for life and the naural world around you. I envy some of the things and places in your life...but then again... we seem to run in journeys ...strangely parallel...yet in geographically very different you might envy mine as well. I enjoy visiting your is like seeing your world...without the self promotion I come across in too many blogs. Keep up the good work...and a special Hi to Sarah!I love her pointy hat!HAHA!Cheers! Bruce Sherman

Anonymous said...

Hi again Bill! I didn't mean for the post you received from me to be can visit my world at www.the you wish to. I'd love to hear from you. Sorry for the "anonymous!"Bruce Sherman