Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Windrush Gallery

I'm happy to announce that I will be represented by the Windrush Gallery in Sedona, Arizona. I always planned to look for representation in the Sedona area, but this came about in an interesting and unexpected way.

A few weeks ago I was bringing home the paintings from the Sedona Art Center members show and ran into pastel/oil painter Michael Johnson. I had recently met and painted with Michael in Sedona, and he mentioned that he had some art in the Windrush. I had never heard of this gallery and only had a little time, so I planned to just run in and out of the gallery to take a look. Owner, John McCullough, was hanging a bunch of really nice works by Adelle Earnshaw and we got to talking.

I told John I was a friend of Michaels, that I was an artist and why I was in Sedona that day, but I said would call him someday and set up an appointment to see if he was interested in adding me to the gallery. I didn't want this to be an annoying cold call, especially when he was busy hanging a show. We traded business cards, and I said I'd contact him soon. As I was pulling out of the parking lot, John came out , flagged me down and said he might as well see what I had since I was there. He liked what he saw and asked me be a part of the gallery!

I had thought that getting involved in the Sedona Art Center would be great way to get involved in the Sedona art scene, but this was an unexpected turn of events. John wants the Windrush Gallery to specialize in plein air landscape painting and I'm excited to be included in the gallery!


Mick Carney said...

Excellent news. Nice to know that simple human contact can still perform productive relations without all the hype/hustle that seems to be expected around everything these days. Apologies for airing some of my prejudices, but I feel that people of talent like yourself should be able to have their work out there for the pleasure of the people and also for you to make a decent liveing if that's what you wish.

José said...

Hi Bill,

Being portuguese and not having those kind of landscapes, I've always enjoyed them.
I've tried to depict them a couple of times and at beginning it was really difficult to come out with a decent work.
Now I'm getting there, after finding out that there's no easy way to depict all that intricacy.

Best regards,


Jack said...

AMAZING news...Thanks for your post...nice to see this one as well..

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