Monday, June 8, 2009

Post Phippen Show Post - Hey, I won...

Canyon Patterns and me painting a desert scene during the first of two quick draw events.

We had a great time at the Phippen Show a couple of weekends ago and it's taken me some time to decompress, thus this late post about it. It rained like hell the night before the show. We were a little more than concerned about this because we had freezing cold rain at last years show. I woke up several time during the night to look out the window to watch for whales. Luckily the show opening was only damp (really damp, a mushroom showed up in my booth!), and we had no rain all weekend. The ironic part was that despite the rain last year we sold a lot more paintings and this year under sunny skies not so many. Apparently rain = sales. We joked about missing the rain.

The two quick draws went well and were a lot of fun, and on Saturday I was informed that I had won an award in the oil painting category! Michelle and I went to the Denim to Diamonds Awards Ceremony and Gala to find out what place I'd won. We shared a table with several artist friends including fellow award winners Don Rantz of Prescott - 1st in pastels and Sharon Fullingim of New Mexico - 3rd place in sculpture. It turns out I'd won 3rd place in oils for my painting Canyon Patterns.

At the end of the show I was lucky enough to trade two small oils for a fine bronze bust of a pronghorn created by Sharon. I also came home with some excellent drawings by the 1st place winner in watercolor, Teal Blake. And V...., thanks for the wonderful book!

The 2009 Phippen Show ended up being moderately successful, and we were happy for the chance to reconnect with so many of our great artist friends who come here to participate each year.


Mick Carney said...

Love the way you create recession and shadow in your work, they are both weaknesses of mine and I shall study your work to try and improve mine. Congratulations on well deserved award.

Steven said...

Wonderful rugged landscapes.

Kathleen said...

Very nice painting! Congratulations on winning the award.

Jack said...

You got a huge talent...keep going..i like to see more paintings like this..

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Bill Cramer said...

Thanks, Mick, Steven, Kathlene and Jack! Just catching up on things around here - glad you like the work!