Sunday, August 23, 2009

New Blog for Windrush Gallery

Some of you may remember that I recently began showing my paintings at Sedona's Windrush Gallery. John, the gallery owner, has started a blog.

Go to

In the first post he wrote, "We would like this to be a place where we can come together and share common interest, showcase artist, display new work, promote upcoming events, and anything else we can think of that will be of mutual interest. So come on in and enjoy and please let us know what you think."

From the blog header, "Nestled comfortably in the Garland Building adjacent to Sedona's State Route 179 and the new "Roundabout" over Oak Creek, sits one of the oldest galleries in Sedona. In 1979, The Windrush Gallery opened its doors and is still in its original location. From it's humble beginnings as a quaint little gallery of 600 square feet, Windrush now boasts 1,800 square feet of gallery space, where one can find Traditional and Impressionistic Southwestern Art in Oils and Watercolors as well as Sculptures in Bronze, Alabaster, and Wood. The Gallery is under new ownership and in one years time the new owners, John and Jane McCullough, have transformed the Gallery into a showcase of local and regional artists."

Check it out and see some of the great art at the Windrush!


Michael Chesley Johnson said...

Thanks for the heads-up on John's blog, Bill!

Bill Cramer said...

I got your back, Michael.