Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Great Tempe-tations

The Tempe Festival of the Arts turned out to be a successful event in many ways. The family had a good time as you can see, the weather was great, the show was well attended and we sold a good number of paintings (including the one shown above, Keeping Watch, 24x24). But more than that, I met some very cool artists (Jason, Barbara) who were willing to point out a few things to the new guy. The show would not have been as successful without their good advice and vibes. And to top it off, next year I have been invited to be the Featured Artist for the 33rd Annual Spring Festival in March! More on that when the date gets closer.

The booth set-up was a little hectic as we were offered a nicer corner location but had to fit our 10x10 booth into a 5x20 space. A little street show space warping made it work and we were on our way. This also meant having more display space for which I had to bring more art. I ended up bringing enough so the walls didn't look too sparse. I was originally going to do the set-up alone, but Michelle managed to get the time off in order to help. Good thing, too, because even with both of us working, we didn't get home until after 1:00am. Thanks, Michelle! And thanks, Darcy and Net for sharing your lovely Apache Junction home!