Monday, November 28, 2011

Sedona and Zion

I came back from the back-to-back Sedona and Zion Plein Air events simultaneously exhausted and exhilarated. Fun times, painting and hanging out with new and old friends all ending in successful exhibits. Sedona had a bit of weather but just like the Grand Canyon show before it, I think it added something to the paintings. One morning I had to run about a third of a mile to avoid a large storm. I didn't have a panel carrier for the 18x18 I was working on, so I held it over my head and ran like crazy with lightning hitting the crags above me (memories of the near hits at the Grand Canyon were very fresh in my mind!). I made it to my car just as the rain hit. That painting turned out to be my strongest piece of the show.

Zion was perfect if a little cold in the am and pm. I forgot my long johns and ended up wearing two pairs of pants for warmth on several occasions. There were many memorable hours spent painting alongside the Virgin River shaking in the cold. The beauty of Zion more than made up for this bit of discomfort! Hey, at least it didn't rain. It was a great week of painting and I was happy to pick up one of the purchase awards for the show at the opening.

Once again the staff and volunteers that work so hard to put on these events did a fantastic job!! Thanks to all and to my hosts for their generosity!

PS Sorry about the lateness of this post concerning these shows. Lots to catch up on and do around here plus working towards the Tempe show this coming weekend - see next post...

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Mick Carney said...

The light you produce on these gets better every time you post. Love them.