Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Grand Canyon, Sedona & Zion plein air events!

I'm home from what are essentially back to back plein air events at Grand Canyon National Park, Sedona, Arizona and Zion National Park. It's hard to put into words just how amazing these events were and how humbled and happy I am to have be able to participate in them. My thanks goes out to all the great people who worked so hard to put on these incredible exhibits, to the collectors and public who participate in so many ways and to my fellow artists (BAPA Presidents and otherwise) whose support and friendship lifted these events to a whole new level. Thanks also to all the great hosts who put me up and put up with me (my apologies for any paint spots or empty wine bottles I may have left behind).  

My roomie for the week and great artist Jim Wodark

This show (or what's left unsold) is still up at the 
Kolb Studio Gallery, South Rim Village.

Picked up a Merit Award chosen by artist Jill Carver.

Josh Been, Carl Ortman, Me and Dave Santillanes 
("The Dream Team" - If you have to ask, you weren't there!)

BAPA Presidents meeting -
Josh Been, Dave Santillanes, Amery Bohling, 
Larry Moore & Hai Ou Hou attending.

Artist's Choice Award and a Purchase Award!

Brad Holt, Dave Santillanes and Dennis Ferris
Yeah, we have a good time. 
(Missed you Zion JB!)


Joshua Been said...

Wish I coulda been there in ZION!! looks like you had an AWESOME time like BAPA bosses!!

itzell said...

I would love a live visit to the gallery.

Alix lion said...

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